Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dell Announced New Range OF PCS!

Dell just announced the launch of a new range of desktop workstations computer systems that are aimed at business and office use, while providing a new level of performance with the Dell Precision T3400. Coming from a line of desktop and mobile computer systems that goes back for years, the new Dell workstation is designed and manufactured according to some strict guidelines while the certifications awarded by more than 27 independent software vendors are aimed at offering a great deal of trust and piece of mind to

''The Dell Precision T3400 redefines the levels of performance and flexibility customers should expect for mainstream workstations,'' said Vivek Mohindra, vice president, Dell Product Group. ''We are reinforcing our market leadership position by delivering leading-edge features such as dual graphics and higher bandwidth processors and memory that customers could not get in this type of system before.''

On the hardware side the new Dell desktop workstation computer system, the Precision T3400 comes powered by an Intel central processing unit and users may scale the computing power of their system as they are able to choose from a Core 2 Duo or an Extreme processor. In order to allow for a high performance computing environment the Intel made central processing unit is backed up by an Intel made mainboard that is centered around the latest generation of chipsets, the X38.

Thanks to this fact the Dell Precision T3400 supports high frontside bus speeds of 1333Mhz as well as dual and quad core processors that are capable of running both 32 and 64 bit based operating systems and applications. In order to make the most of its great processing power the new Dell workstations come with a standard 1GB of DDR2 random access memory running at 800MHz that can also be scaled to 8GB for the best system responsiveness, while the extensive storage capabilities are allowing users to store impressive amounts of information.

On the graphics side, the Dell Precision T3400 comes equipped with a powerful professional graphics card based on the Nvidia Quadro FX 4600 graphics processing unit that gives it tremendous 2D and 3D capabilities as well as the ability to support out of the box as many as four separate displays.

The new desktop workstation from Dell, the Precision T3400, is now available for purchase on a global level and the starting price tag comes at $1000.

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